Why high-gain antenna

First to understand what is the antenna gain, it is equal to the input power conditions, the actual antenna and the ideal radiation element produced in the same point in the premises of the space of the signal power density ratio, dBi is the power gain of the units HR-N926R intelligent wireless router is a high-end smart JCG brand products, this product is simple and generous appearance, overall performance is outstanding, and there are two detachable omnidirectional efficient gain antenna each 5dbi. The size of the antenna gain is to determine, based on the entire hardware configuration of the wireless router, not to say that simply increase the antenna gain, signal strength, the better, and this can only be in the case of the wireless router system to withstand the high-gain antenna. effects have outstanding performance. If you really want to improve the signal coverage area and distance, while increasing the transmit power of the radio transmitting equipment, and its accompanying gain antenna. Usually indoor gain antenna on the optional 4-5dBi appropriate, buy outdoor-gain antenna on the 8-14dBi appropriate. Antenna, we may only noticed a few antennas, antenna gain, antenna performance is how much, but very few people understand. Replaced with different gain antenna on the same wireless router to do wireless transmission rate and signal strength test, under the same conditions, the results obtained are as follows: .     Why high-gain antenna, but the signal strength test, the worst effect it? That is because the high antenna gain increased the load on the wireless router. The gain antenna incomplete can solve the problem of signal coverage. The greater the gain, the signal transmission distance may be farther, but the resulting signal the direction of the main lobe is more narrow, the smaller the sidelobe signal coverage area than the low gain more prone to dead ends. Antenna for wireless router is important to a certain extent, but if excessive emphasis on the importance of the antenna, then a little bit putting the cart before the horse. The transmit power of the router itself is the main factor of the wireless signal, this high-power products like JHR-N926R configure omni-directional high-gain antenna, it has played the role of the icing on the cake.

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