the TV or radio will not be able to fully receive antenna

As the name itself suggests, the specific characteristics of the antenna in that, having two magnetic poles, as an effective conductor, such as steel or iron material. , Because they are basically only two rods connected together to capture the signal, they normally use, because they are so practical, easy to make. The correct size for the dipole antenna To learn dipole antenna size should be, it is important to learn what is the first of its type. Now, there is a folded dipole antenna of the two most common types of the dipole antenna of half-wave dipole antenna. In fact, the latter type before a sub-type, but for the purposes of teaching, they will be exhibited here. The half-wave dipole antenna is basically a dipole antenna, electronic experts believe that the most effective form. The name is basically refers to the positioning of the antenna, to which it is situated more than a half wavelength only conductor medium, such as ground, galvanized iron roof, even in the surface of the water. This position a bowling technology - it can to make sure that signal rebound is correct, and in strong need of equipment. However, if we want to get the best performance, we should also ensure that radio frequency away from the possible obstacles, such as wires, support tower and other antennas, this antenna is a great wavelength. Stronger signal, is our favorite FM radio broadcasting, our favorite TV channels, the most common solution, we tend to the antenna. Antennas have different forms and sizes, but the most common means something of the antenna, when a person, he was always one thing - a structure similar to the two connected to the foundation, and then on the roof. In fact, this is only a form of antenna, the most common form of undeniable: dipole antenna. . Of course, the TV or radio will not be able to fully receive antenna connected to its benefits, if it is not a specific connection, the signal to feed on it. This connection can be served on the RF transmission line, coaxial cable, or balanced - unbalanced converter or RF transformer. These three options, the balance of many electronics expert propone - unbalanced converter, or for "balanced" and "unbalanced short hand", is the most effective, because it can ensure that is referred to as the RF signal or radio frequency, otherwise current distribution location across from the antenna feed line.

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